Duck Dynasty Cast

The Duck Dynasty cast represents Duck Commander which was founded by Phil Robertson when he made his duck calls from cypress wood that made the calls sound more like a real duck. He and his family have turned their duck call making into a multi-million dollar operation. Supporting Phil is his wife Ms. Kay who is highly respected amongst her family as she cooks her way into their heart.

Duck Commander is run by Phil and Ms. Kay’s son Willie, after years of business college, Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander and tries to make sure that the business runs smoothly. Running the business smoothly is not easy when Willie’s other brother’s Jase and Jep just want to have fun, hunt and fool around.

Phil’s brother Si is also a major cast member of Duck Dynasty; it’s his responsibility to make the reeds for the duck calls that are made. His signature logo is the glass and pitcher of sweet tea that he always has with him. He’s a U.S. vet that has his own sense of style and humor. He loves blowing things up and of course hunting.

At the Duck Commander Warehouse are also John Godwin and Martin who have their roles in making the duck calls as well as in many of the family functions. They are just like a part of the family.

You’ll also see Willie’s wife Koury along with his children, Jase’s wife Missy and their children, Jep’s wife Jessica and their children. You’ll even live some of their family experiences like teaching their children to drive and shoot. You can go through the day to day trials and tribulations that having to work with family members can create.

Although this family is a multi-million dollar family, you’ll never know it, they live as if they are just as normal (for lack of a better word) as other American families. They’re a Christian family so you won’t ever hear cursing or any vulgarities from them. The Duck Dynasty cast makes their show a show that is great for the whole family. You will notice that they bless their food before each meal and that they don’t have a problem living off the land and what God has provided.

The Duck Dynasty cast will offer you tons of humor, bits of knowledge and a whole lot of adventure along with a tad of religion. You’ll enjoy each of the family members and their contributions to the show. If you’ve never watched the show before, you don’t know what you’re missing. You can easly catch up on what’s going on with the DVD’s that are available from the prior seasons. Each season just gets better and better.

Every once in a while they’ll even have a special guest on their show that is important to their business or to the family. You’d never guess by looking at them that they are multi-millionaires, they certainly don’t dress the role or act the role. They’re just a simple family trying to make it like millions of other simple families.

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